Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stages of demonic possession

Demonic possession is the term used to describe the control over a human being by Satan or one of his assigned advocates. There are a number of ways that a person can become exposed to a spiritual attack of this nature. Exposing themselves to things such as the ouija board, the occult and astral travelling are but a few. Demons can only thrive in darkness. A person must be a sinner or would have to expose themselves for evil spirits to enter. There are 3 stages of demonic possession.

1. Partial Influence:
This is when a person feels compelled to spend most of his or her free time communicating with a spirit through some means, usually a Ouija Board. Eventually the spirit influences the Medium in how to act, whom to communicate with and so forth. The persons behaviour grows noticeably peculiar, and he or she becomes increasingly isolated from family and friends in order to devote more time with the spirit.

2. Partial Possession:
This is the second stage of possession and is the partial control of a person's mind and speech by a spirit. Typically, the dreams and emotions of a person in this state are affected. He or she begins to hear the spirits voice during waking hours and while sleeping, and begins to fear that the spirits control over him or her cannot be stopped.

3. Total Possession:
This is the third and most serious stage of possession which requires exorcism. Persons unfortunate enough to reach this point are no longer able to function normally and are often misdiagnosed by doctors as suffering from mental disturbances. They often end up as patients in psychiatric wards or the victims of suicide.

Symptoms of demonic possession:

1. Lethargy
2. Listlessness
3. Violent mood Swings
4. Speech is impaired
5. Hearing is impaired
6. Eye sight impaired
7. Disorientation
8. Breathing difficulties
9. Headaches and migraines
10.Muscle tension
11.No control over eye movements
12.No control over facial expressions
13.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
14.May suffer symptoms similar to Parkinsons' Disease
15.Dizzy spells/Fainting
18.May suffer symptoms similar to Multiple Schlerosis
20.The ability to speak a foreign language
21.Predicting the future

And much, much more....


  1. My name is Bridget, I have been raised in a Christian home since birth. Ever since i was in second grade i struggled with lust, masturbation and anger. As I got older I went through phases of depression and drug abuse. I would cut myself, until i got older and stopped. Once i reached my last two years in high school I started smoking pot excessively. My parents were so worried they moved me away from my friends... At this stage of my life i drew closer to God and stopped smoking pot. I started having nightmares of Satan telling me I could never get away, I would hear stomping around the house, lights turned off when i was around them. I eventually fell back into my old ways and started smoking pot and everything stopped... I finally made it back to Church but while i sit in church and listen to sermons about Jesus this silent voice in my head tells me he is only a man. I dont know what's wrong with me, I wonder if in demon possessed or if i'm just a wicked person with a lack of self control. HELP

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    2. hey its just what u think its not a possession. so just try to make your mind straight and u will be alright. if u cant do that try to make friends, and talk a lot so that your mind in distracted and will stop you from thinking negative OK you are a nice kid so straight your mind

  2. Hi. I'm not sure what to do about my friend. I am going to change their names to keep their identity hidden. My friend, Lindsey and i were playing the ouija board. i figured we were making it mad for some reason because it would move fast. it said it wasnt a bad spirit but we all know they can lie. So we were talking about how it died and it said it was from mental craziness. Lindsey said, "well, if you are actually a spirit, possess me." it said it would in a few minutes. when we started watching a movie, Lindsey sat in a chair and started laughing for no reason.
    The next day, my other friend ashley came over. we did the ouija board too. we were making it mad because it was moving faster than it ever did before. it kinda scared us so we moved the ouija board downstairs and asked if it was the same spirit. it said "no, but i will call her down." Ashley and i asked it which one of us it wanted to possess (it said its wants to possess someone) I said "which one? me or Ashley?" it said no it me. but when i said Ashley, it said "who?" the spirit thought Ashley was Lindsey! the spirit said she was going to kill Lindsey in 2 years. I am really scared about thta because another ghost said the other spirit followed Lindsey back home. this all happened in december of 2011. please help

  3. you are crazy to mess with t heuijia board like that, get an exorcist asap

  4. I saw a documentary about spirits and the ancient ways of the druids... in order to halt absolute possession to a person or to oneself, one must burp excessively and push your solar plexus upward... make sense because in ancient Hindi knowledge the solar plexus is the place where all your life energy is stored. another thing they feast on fear despair and hate... one must cure not by love but by understanding. in that ways you may understand the ways of the entities around us.

  5. Hi I'm not sure if I'm just crazy or not but I hear voices a lot telling me to do a Lot of tucked up things makes me feel like I gotta do it there are days wen they can are so strong I can feel it is like a power coursing through my vein wen it recedes I feel like a used shell And This is only a portion of what Idk if I'm just insane or not but I hope it just me being that

    1. I am an expert in the paranormal and the supernatural. Now, it is not a demon trying to possess you that you feel. I should know, because when I was younger, I sometimes heard voices saying my name. If they are good things, then it must be a spirit, perhaps a family member watching over you. If they are bad things, there is a slight possibility that it is a demon. However, if a demon was trying to possess you, it would have already. As it is just telling you to do things, it is not a possession, probably some ghost trying to tell you stuff that it did when it was alive. Don't worry, you're not insane. But it definitely isn't just you.

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